• Transform magazine
  • July 18, 2024


Marshmallow rebrand celebrates individuality and inclusivity

26 Logotype

The UK insurance company’s identity redesign was undertaken by London-based branding agency Ragged Edge. The agency’s ultimate task was to position Marshmallow as the insurance brand which backs the exceptions to the rule.

Marshmallow was created to be a fairer insurance alternative to people newly moved to the UK. Despite reaching unicorn status and being valued at $1.25bn in 2021, Marshmallow worked with Ragged Edge to redesign its brand such that it could accelerate growth further. Ragged Edge’s role was also to ensure the new brand could rally the internal team around a singular mission.

The new graphic system is heavily informed by the introduction of brand characters. Named ‘Marshforms’, whose various shapes depict the different experiences the company considers when pricing a quote, they hope to bring greater function, empathy and delight. Elsewhere, custom typeface Marshmallow Youth adds more accessibility due to its highly distinctive nature, and a new tone of voice evokes empathy and understanding.


Max Ottignon, Ragged Edge co-founder, says, “We built the brand around ‘valuing difference’ – an idea that’s as distinctive as it is relevant to an audience who are consistently penalised for their diverse backgrounds, experiences and circumstances. The new identity celebrates infinite variation in everything from the design to an empathetic tone of voice.”

Sam Knott, vice president of acquisition (growth) at Marshmallow, says, “We needed the rebrand to speak to individuality without patronising our diverse audience. Ragged Edge has captured that perfectly. The brand allows us to communicate Marshmallow’s vision and strong sense of purpose, empowering us to deepen our customer relationships and expand our offerings while staying true to our mission that we back those who step outside of the norm”.