• Transform magazine
  • May 18, 2022


New York-based design agency Lippincott transforms brand identity of Plug Power

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The electrical equipment manufacturing company, now known just as ‘Plug’, aims to become a leader in the field of green energy. Its project with Lippincott saw the formation of a new, purposeful brand strategy which seeks to establish the American firm as a household name in years to come.

The challenge for Lippincott to solve was the repositioning of the firm as the face of the green hydrogen industry. If Plug was to grow, its leadership realised the story that needed to be told was of their 25-year-long commitment to delivering smarter, cleaner alternatives to fossil fuels.  

The agency then cultivated a new identity which plays on Plug’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions for the benefit of everyone by using energy more efficiently.

It was from there that a new brand expression could be created, as demonstrated by Plug’s new logo. It seeks to highlight themes of accountability, optimism and a focus on human progress, while the logo’s pictographic nature hopes to make it more memorable and intuitive.


Rodney Abbot, senior partner at Lippincott, says, “Plug’s rebrand was an exciting project from the start, given the world’s critical need for smarter, cleaner alternatives to fossil fuels and Plug’s ability to make a greener future possible. With Plug’s leadership in Green Hydrogen, it’s just a matter of time before the brand is a global, household name, and immediately recognised brand.

“As for the logo, the expression of a face is an intuitive demonstration of Plug’s purpose: a commitment to customers, partners, and the planet. We’re honoured to see this identity out in the world as Plug continues to lead the charge on delivering the world’s first zero-emission Green Hydrogen solutions at scale."

Hydrogen, being the simplest element and the core reason why Plug exists, inspires the new clean and contemporary visual system. All aspects of the brand system – from type scale to the colour palette – is influenced by the concept of the power of two atoms sharing two subatomic particles, as with the hydrogen molecule.

Simplicity was at the heart of the project, and Plug hopes the rebrand will allow it to better communicate its prowess in the world of green energy solutions.