• Transform magazine
  • February 25, 2024


DLMDD composes new sonic logo for global entertainment and betting brand Betway

Betway 1

The London-based sonic branding agency opted for a harder edged sound with no lyrics, designed to enhance brand recall. Betway hopes its new sonic identity will create a unique feeling of ‘thrill and excitement’.

The 12-week project in which the sonic brand was conceptualised and produced targeted the fact that none of Betway’s competitors were consistently using a mnemonic. Other brands, like Bet365, would instead rely on the use of celebrity endorsements. This meant there was a gap for DLMDD to exploit.

Sascha Darroch-Davies, co-founder of DLMDD, says, “Ultimately, recall and recognition are achieved through consistent and regular use of the asset across touch points. We know that lyrical logos and jingles that say the brand name are twice as effective as those that do not, and that melodic logos are better for recall and recognition, which isn't surprising.

“The Sound of Betway,” he continues, “does not contain lyrics or any decipherable melody. But what we discovered about the brand in the preliminary stages of the project suggested that a harder edged sound that evokes thrill and excitement was going to sound [right] for Betway.”

As reported by Transform magazine last week, sonic branding and audio marketing testing company, SoundOut compiled its sonic logos UK list, with Betway breaking into the top 20. Furthermore, Betway tallied considerably higher than any new entrants, earning praise for its personality (92%), brand appeal (74%) and perception of brand value (77%).

Darroch-Davies confirmed DLMDD’s partnership with Betway has continued, with “really exciting” new initiatives on the horizon.