• Transform magazine
  • July 01, 2022


Design Bridge creates brand identity for Singaporean skyscraper

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At 280m tall, CapitaSpring is the latest addition to the Singapore CBD skyline. Brought in by CapitaLand, global design agency Design Bridge created the marque, tagline, wayfinding and signage.

Design Bridge was called onto the project by CapitaLand prior to last year’s completion of the mixed-use development. The agency settled on the name following a number of workshops undertaken with the CapitaLand team.

Tom Gilbert, executive creative director at Design Bridge, says, “Collaboration is key to the integral success of real estate projects as they rely on several parties all working together to build the building; the same is the case when it comes to the brand.”

The project began with Design Bridge taking inspiration from the building’s architect, who voiced hopes that CapitaSpring looked like it had grown out of Singapore itself. After consultations with the CapitaLand team, the tagline ‘Where the city rises’ was chosen.

CapitaSpring’s marque makes use of bold, uppercase typography, found throughout the touchpoints of the integrated development.

Gilbert adds, “Design Bridge collaborated with the architects to continue to amplify the design idea, and then collaborating with architectural photographer, Finbarr Fallon to capture the true beauty of the building through the same brand strategy.”