• Transform magazine
  • September 26, 2022


Brands Positive Engagement: The ultimate pathway to brand loyalty

Michael Headshot

"The always-on world has an almost insatiable thirst which brands must understand how to satisfy over time as to attract clients’ continued loyalty," writes Michael Schepis, creative director at Handle Branding.

Living in a world that is changing very fast requires more than just having a business. Instead of relaxing in the fact that you have a business that is up and running, it will be great a step to ensure that you maintain a brand that is ready and able to meet the needs of your customers’ every time they reach out for your products and services. And to achieve this, you need to do a lot of work both within your business circle as well as outside where you engage with customers.

According to Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon, “obsessing over your clients remains paramount for any brand,” and this has a strong power of keeping your customers always conscious of your brand each time they pick up the shopping cart.

While brands positive engagement is a good way to inspire continuous love and trust in the heart of customers for your brand, it is also a way of getting clients to hold tight unto your brand since they know and trust your products and services. However, as many brands hope to engage in brand positive engagement with new and existing customers, a lot of brands still experience some forms of discouragement about some ugly history that can easily be traced to the brand. Once this is the case, you can tell when a brand has plainly given-up to the unseen forces that will deprive it of a competitive edge over other competitors within its business niche.

Well, in order for brands to achieve the best engagement with their customers by creating a powerful impact in their buying habits as well as their attitude towards the brands regardless of their geographical location, there is a strong need for brands to employ different methods and skills to facilitate brand outreach and positive engagement.

And as the match towards brands positive engagement is set to begin, there is a need for brands to also pay keen attention to the present realities within their business circle. For instance, such present realities may include understanding customers’ needs. Similarly, adopting various methods that will help brands to reach out to all categories of customers will also be an added advantage. Yes, just like you would rightly guess, advertising on all different platforms and touchpoints, both traditional and digital will help brands to capture all categories and imaginations of customers.

However, such brands outreach won't only end at the level of outreach with the hope of achieving the goal of outreach. In fact, such outreach must be accompanied by sufficient customers’ engagement. For instance, to get the needed level of client’s engagement, brands need to spend a considerable amount of time to convey their brand’s core values to new and existing customers. More so, brands have to ensure that there is a high level of awareness created during the brands outreach, which is enough to attract customers to the brand.

Once the above is fully implemented as an effective way of capturing the minds of the customers to the brand, an absolute emotional engagement with a brand will be an inevitable result. Wondering why it will be so? It is very simple! There will be a strong emotional attachment to a brand by customers because, at this point, customers will see the brand as being in a better position to meet their expectation per time no matter what the other competing forces are sharing whether in the same business niche with the brand.

Worthy of mention at this point is the fact that for brands to positively engage customers into a memorable and a happy business transaction, a saying that I am fond of “focus on the present and let the past take care of itself” can come into play.

This is important as most brands may have what can be referred to as an unpleasant history or inception, and when such negative essence of defeat has been conquered with a view of making major strides in the years to come, winning customers with a strong emotional bond to the brand will turn out to be a seamless achievement.