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  • August 14, 2020


#NewBrandMonday: 1 June

New Brand Mondays Low

Here are this week's selection of newly launched brands from around the world. For more from #NewBrandMonday, follow @Transformsays on Twitter.




Redfish Poke

Hawaii-based design studio Welcome Stranger worked with Hawaii’s largest locally owned and operated grocery retailer Foodland to Redfish Poke Bar, a 36-seat restaurant in Honolulu that serves fresh, customisable poke bowls. The visual identity was inspired by vintage Foodland photos and historical supermarket ephemera. The diamond pattern, for example, was taken from the façade of Foodland’s first store which opened in 1948. This mix of old and new serves to celebrate Hawaii as the sole home of poke. The mix-and-match industrial typography with bright colours and bold patterning reflects the customisable and varied nature of the bowls (such as limitless toppings) and adds a playful element to the brand identity. The cheerful and vibrant tone of the brand is further emphasised by the hand-drawn illustrations, which include members of the restaurant staff.




Karvan Cévitam

London based brand design agency PB creative partnered with American food and beverage company Kraft Heinz to develop a new premium tier for drinks cordial brand Karvan Cévitam. Although Karvan Cévitam is the market leader in cordials in The Netherlands, it is perceived as being a children’s drink with consumers losing interest in the brand once they hit adolescence. Seeing a rising demand for adult focused soft drinks with more adventurous products and packaging, Kraft Heinz asked PB Creative to create a new brand identity for the new range to be aimed at young, pre-family adults searching for an alternative to alcohol.

The design agency developed a dynamic visual identity for ‘Signature blends’, a lighter, fresher and more sophisticated alternative to the beverages’ core range which includes four flavour variants: lime & mint, strawberry & rhubarb, white grape & elderflower and lemon & orange blossom. Like the core range, the new product can be diluted with water so that consumers can adjust the strength according to taste, creating their own personal ‘signature blend.’ “The visual identity and design for the new range evoke a ‘grown up’ sense of occasion with almost cocktail shaker like appeal and establish the Signature Blends range as being the champagne of water mixers,” says design director at PB Creative Amy Elshenawy.

The new design retains the recognisable diamond key equity from the core range, which also inspires the faceted diamond coloured background of each pack, aiding range navigation. However, a new gold typography has been introduced to elevate the range aesthetic while the photography led fruit cameos evoke a taste appeal.





Brand agency SomeOne in London introduced new brand Oceansaver, a range of plant-based cleaning solutions aimed at environmentally conscious householders. The design of the solutions, which are formed by dropping cleaning pods into reusable and recyclable spray bottle, cuts down on single use plastic and reduces transportation of water, leading to fewer vehicles but less carbon emissions. SomeOne used the idea of a shoreline to create a simple, bold graphic brand world for Oceansaver, adding bright colours to help with shelf recognition and to differentiate the range and match the capsule liquid colours. According to David Law, founder of SomeOne, the use of positive graphic rather than a generic ‘eco’ design of green colours and recycled logos helps Oceansaver standout from the average start-up and make up for the small dimensions of the packs. The packs come with stickers designed to place over existing cleaning brands so to reuse the bottles with a clear conscience.

The result is a ‘humours activist’ tone of voice, which takes a strong stance against plastic whilst always adopting a positive spin.




Chicago-based branding agency Chykalophia launched ZSpeak, a sub-brand of American cultural consultancy Global Mosaic. ZSpeak aims to elevate the voice of Generation Z through pioneering research, thought leadership and storytelling. In their ZSpeak ‘Future Rising’ series they share what GenZ is learning from the Covid-19 experience, the brands that are getting it right and their ideas for the future world they want to create. To produce a visual identity that could reflect all this, Chykalophia decided to focus the design process on ZSpeak’s attributes of youthfulness, bringer of inspiration, creativity and authenticity through bright colours, bold typography, and social media assets. To create a brand targeted specifically at Generation Z audience, the design agency had to think like them and undertake thorough research to understand what resonates with them the most.