• Transform magazine
  • November 19, 2019


Lightwave launches new series of ‘Smart’ animations

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The ‘Smarts’ are the stars of Lightwave’s new online campaign, blending simplicity of style with the company’s hi-tech devices and applications.

Stop-motion and family life come together in a series of animated films created for Lightwave’s new online campaign. In five short clips, the Smarts (Mr Smart, Mrs Smart, Charlie and Watson the dog) explore smart home Lightwave lighting devices, showing the way they have synced to the family’s lifestyle.

The Smarts wake up and bed down to a home fully integrated with smart lighting and home automation, in what is described by Lightwave – a smart home product developer – as “the first of the Smarts’ many adventures.” The rounded figures of the Smarts move in stop-motion, capturing the viewer with their quirky, toy-like animations and design.

The campaign, created by Bristol-based brand agency Mr B & Friends, nods at the style of other British children’s shows like Trumpton and Camberwick Green. The intent, according to Mr B & Friends art director Rob Lewis, was to use childhood animation to “capture the simplicity with which the Lightwave products sync to daily life.”

Rachel Cowle, marketing director at Lightwave, expresses satisfaction with the Smarts as well. “We think the characters really help demonstrate the benefits smart lighting can bring to day-to-day life and how perfectly Lightwave integrates into a family home.”

The series will be featured across several channels, including Google Display Network, YouTube and Facebook.