• Transform magazine
  • June 06, 2020


Dairylea rebrand develops company’s daring identity

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Dairylea’s new name echoes the brand’s bold and adventurous voice with an injection of fun.

More than 8m packs of Mondelez’s Dairylea have gone through a change of name, as part of a far-reaching campaign showing the company’s playful side. In an effort to encourage families all over Britain to ‘take the dare,’ Mondelez has partnered with creative agency Elvis, putting together a fully integrated rebrand campaign launched across several media.

The new product, available from 13 May, hosts the name ‘Dareylea’ and invites families to “get out of their comfort zone.” The campaign, which includes the tagline ‘We Dareylea You’ and a few short clips, targets parents to encourage them to play more with their kids, as part of an initiative ranging across social media, advertising and brand experiences. The rebrand reflects the company’s voice throughout its history and is reminiscent of its old slogans and spots, inviting children to be audacious and bold to ‘feed the fun’ with Dairylea triangles.

Although the target audience is somewhat vague, Mondelez’s move communicates confidence and its wide-ranging campaign appears in tune with the playful premises of the initiative. It comes in the midst of a period of sustained growth for the processed cheese sector, with Dairylea forecast to record increasing success for the rest of the year.

“We wanted to reignite Dairylea with a campaign that will stand out in the category while staying true to the heritage of the brand,” Elvis’ creative managing partner Neale Horrigan says.

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