• Transform magazine
  • June 05, 2020


Adidas designs uniforms for new Premier Lacrosse League

  • 2019-PLL-Uniforms.jpg
  • adidasLacrosse_PLL_ARCHERS_Crest_Away_01-590x387.jpg
  • adidasLacrosse_PLL_ATLAS_3Stripes_Home_02-590x387.jpg
  • adidasLacrosse_PLL_CHAOS_Crest_Away_02-590x387.jpg
  • adidasLacrosse_PLL_ATLAS_Crest_Home_01-590x387.jpg
  • adidasLacrosse_PLL_CHAOS_Crest_Home_01-590x387.jpg
  • adidasLacrosse_PLL_CHROME_Crest_Away_01-590x387.jpg
  • adidasLacrosse_PLL_CHROME_Helmet_Home_01-590x387.jpg
  • adidasLacrosse_PLL_REDWOODS_Crest_Home_01-590x393.jpg
  • adidasLacrosse_PLL_WHIPSNAKES_Helmet_Away-590x387.jpg
  • adidasLacrosse_PLL_REDWOODS_Nameplate_Harrison_Home_01-590x387.jpg
  • adidasLacrosse-x-PLL_REDWOODS_01-590x387.jpg

Adidas’ uniforms for the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) blend old-school design with modernism, introducing radical concepts to elevate each team’s identity.

Adidas has announced a set of uniforms for the newborn tour-based US league, as a step towards the PLLs upcoming inaugural season in June. The league will feature six non-location based teams, with 11 uniforms in total. 

Each uniform showcases Adidasthree-striped logo on the upper left chest and integrates the pattern across the rest of the outfit. At the same time, Adidas has tried to emphasise each teams unique identity through colourful visuals and design elements. 

The Archers uniforms, for instance, were inspired by a bow-and-arrow sharpshooter, with feather fletching elements on both the sleeves and shorts. Chaos LC uniforms, on the other hand, incorporate chaos in their design, with a scorpion logo on the arm and a battle armour pattern on the base. 

All the outfits integrate old and new, drawing inspiration from 1980s imagery and references, fusing them with other graphical elements to reflect the speed and energy of lacrosse. The style of old-school lacrosse uniforms is respected but reimagined, with sharp and colourful visuals ranging across all outfits. 

Other noticeable designs include the Chrome LCs uniform, featuring a retro grid-like pattern in light blue and pink, and the Redwoods LC outfit, with a brown bear on the chest surrounded by three giant trees forming a vertical pattern. 

Adidasuniforms show a comprehensive effort to elevate the uniqueness and the core symbols of each team, with eye-catching designs, team crests and typographies empowering every outfit. 

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