• Transform magazine
  • February 27, 2020


A lack of qualified candidates, reveals findings from brand marketing survey


The marketing sector is one of constant change and development. Marketers must not only sell innovation, they must drive it. In an increasingly deadline driven culture, and with the competition mounting at breakneck speed, it’s becoming progressively more challenging to stay ahead of the game.

Conversely, marketers are reporting that they are struggling to recruit new candidates with the requisite skills to produce the quality of work required to thrive in the industry.

A recruitment company specialising in creative, digital and marketing sectors, Aquent, has surveyed senior brand-side marketers on leadership, productivity and recruitment.

The salary and employment insights report has revealed some stark data about the marketing sector. Only 37% of marketing bosses say that their teams have the skills to deliver what is required of them. This is leading to increasing numbers of marketers plugging the gaps by using outside help, with 43% having to outsource to creative agencies.

Meanwhile, job-seekers seem to be taking advantage of these gaps in the market. Over half of those surveyed reported noticing a trend of ‘one-size-fits-all’ CV templates from job applicants, indicating that candidates were not passionate about the position, but instead capitalising on the gap in the market. 60% of respondents believed that candidates were underqualified for the positions they were applying for.  

However, while it’s true that employers are finding it difficult to source higher skilled applicants, 69% of leaders cite cultural fit as a top propriety for recruitment. Researching the business and showing interest in the company’s culture and values goes a long way to mitigating a lack of relevant skills or a thin portfolio. Aliza Sweiry, managing director, UK, Aquent says, “Our research shows that marketing leaders are finding it tough to source team members and many applicants are missing out on their dream job through not doing the basics like proofing their CV and tailoring applications to each job. That said with the skills shortage it’s a seller’s market and quality talent is snapped up. Fast.”