• Transform magazine
  • February 27, 2020


Belgian alt radio station Studio Brussel relaunches as multimedia platform

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As consumer engagement with brands has increased, so have consumer expectations. Brands are now expected to represent more than just a simple product or service, and are now often aligned with a specific identity or lifestyle.

In the case of Dutch-language, Belgian radio station Studio Brussel, a change was in order. Thus, Studio Brussel was recently relaunched as StuBru: a ‘digital-first’ multimedia platform designed by Base Design.

Although altering a brand name, no matter how minor, is always a risk, the rebrand clearly aims to keep the key focus on music and youth culture behind Studio Brussel intact, while updating it for the digital age. Radio is no longer the dominant platform for music, and StuBru’s redirected focus on digital reflects that.

Since its creation in 1983 by the VRT, the Flemish Radio and Television Broadcasting Organisation, Studio Brussel has been known for its unique, edgy approach to radio and its focus on rock, hip hop, techno and more. While their iconic red logo once captured the essence of this alternative radio station, Studio Brussel needed a logo and image that more accurately reflected its new programs, online video content, growing focus on social media, and the overall culture of its young audience. 

The new logo exudes StuBru’s modern focus. Not only has the name been shortened, the new logo is also flexible in its color and overall design. It features sans serif, asymmetrical typography in a variety of colors. It is fresh and clear but allows the StuBru audience to adapt it to their own tastes, while also reflecting the diverse nature of the StuBru brand. 

“The old logo was too dated,” said Jan Van Bieden, head of StuBru. “Too sterile, too restrictive.  It was just a stamp that was placed everywhere. The new logo comes in an unlimited number of colors and only has the dynamic font as a thread. It should stimulate and inspire more, and it also emphasizes that we are more than just a radio channel.”