• Transform magazine
  • November 30, 2022


Tailoring a retail brand

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White Stuff came to SomeOne with a challenge, it needed a rebrand but it wanted its logo to remain untouched.

The lifestyle and fashion brand wanted to refine and expand its existing brand identity, but keep its core principles intact.

SomeOne identified ‘community’ as one of White Stuff’s best qualities – it had been in the Times Top 100 best companies for seven years in a row. This sense of community extends beyond employees to the retailer’s customers. White Stuff aims to deliver an experience, so it doesn’t advertise, instead preferring to create a friendly and enjoyable shopping experience, both in store and online.

The new White Stuff visual identity is inspired by quilts. It signifies a patchwork of different styles forming one whole and it communicates the detail, individuality and fun that is also in the overall brand. The collection of swatches allows for some to be taken away and for new ones to be inserted, thus keeping the look fresh.

The new brand will be implemented over the next year. Julian Baker, marketing director at White Stuff, says, “We are delighted with the concept work SomeOne created, giving us a brand system that truly reflects our ‘brand values’. We had a great reaction when we showed the work at our ’brand get together’ to all the internal teams. A great piece of work for us to build on”.


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