• Transform magazine
  • August 14, 2020


Cape Canaveral outgrows its space programme associations


Rebranding an entire location can be very challenging, it involves clearly defining what the area’s core identity is and then sharing this with external audiences across a wide variety of touchpoints.

Cape Canaveral, a cape in Brevard County, Florida famed for its links to the space programme, is looking to change its image. The community wants to distinguish itself from other Florida beachside towns.

The majority of people living outside of Cape Canaveral are unsure what it is; a city, a rocket base, or a geographical feature. The 10,000-strong community at the gateway to Port Canaveral is looking to attract more visitors and to drive economic development.

The $30,000 rebrand will be conducted by Orlando advertising agency Prismatic. The first step of the project will take place on 3 February when Prismatic plans to hold a public workshop for residents and business owners, their feedback will influence the rebrand strategy. Cape Canaveral residents will also be invited to fill out an online survey.

Todd Morley, the city’s community and economic development director, says that the input of residents and business owners is important to the process. “The bottom line is that it has to resonate as genuine. If the residents say we just want to be a sleepy little beach town, that’s what’s going to resonate. We want to find out what residents and businesses want.”



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