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  • May 18, 2022


An animated ident

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Creativity and finance often go hand in hand, particularly in the film industry. Both elements come together in a new identity created by Brand & Deliver.

Brand & Deliver, a creative marketing agency with a history of working with television and film studios such as Sony Pictures and Universal International, has just rebranded the London-based film and entertainment financing company behind recent indie flick Hello Carter.

Lorton Entertainment has a new identity that combines three core elements, communicated through an abstract, animated ident made up of fluctuating white lines. Each variation of the ident has a separate meaning.

Rob Pratt, Brand & Deliver design director, says, “As a financial force behind the British film industry it was important to represent the City of London skyline, while acknowledging a sense of flexibility and measurement through the subtle representation of an oscilloscope wave form. The third element takes inspiration from the zoetrope, the earliest and purest form of moving image, and is a way to convey the importance of motion, in film and in business.”

A spokesperson from Lorton Entertainment says that it was important to communicate, “A sense of strength and reliability,” qualities which are valued by investors. However, this could not be at the expense of creativity, which is also communicated through the animated ident in its zoetrope form.

A family of related brands and assets is united under the new identity. Cinematic imagery and photography can also be incorporated without losing brand integrity.


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