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  • February 22, 2024


Diana Cantor

Treasury Wine Estates launches Millennial-focused brand

Samuel Wynn.jpg

Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) has launched Samuel Wynn & Co, a wine brand specifically designed to target Millennials. The generation born between 1980 and 2000 has changed the market’s dynamics, giving a great impo...

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Rebrand for healthcare giant Aetna


The prolonged uncertainty over the future of the Health Law in the U.S. has forced many insurers to increase prices or finding solutions like diversifying their services. That is why Aetna, known for its health insur...

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Brand differentiation in the fitness sector


The growing offer of gyms, referred as the ‘gym boom,' was the result of new marketing strategies and motivated rebrands from already positioned gyms, in an attempt not to lose their customers - and gain new ones....

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Google breaks ground with ground-breaking geothermal tech brand


Google has gone through major changes in the past five years that have resulted in a variety of brand extensions and technological innovations. First, Google rebrande...

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A modern-bohemian brand for fashion-forward women


A new vintage and sophisticated fashion label has opened in the UK. Hansine debuts with its summer collection, Hansine Beach, a contemporary reimagining of the holiday wardrobe....

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Transcending tradition in sausage production


In 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) report showed evidence of increasing cases of pancreatic and colorectal cancer caused by processed meats, which threatened this sector of the food industry. This forced sau...

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Shaken not stirred


‘Vodka martini, shaken not stirred’ is one of the most famous lines in the history of film, a cocktail that goes with the glamour of agent 007. However, that same cocktail would be everything but glamorous in a can. F...

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Wacoal Europe, a fashionable rebrand

WACOAL 1.jpg

There are companies that put a high premium on image, but none take image as seriously as fashion companies. Lingerie company Wacoal Europe has gone through a rebrand in order to reach a wider audience while reaffirmi...

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SurveyMonkey rebrands for the future

SurveyMonkey_Slack Integration.jpg

Since 2016, SurveyMonkey has been reconsidering its brand positioning. The reflection phase resulted in a rebrand that includes a new logo and a new mission, 'Power the curious.' The company also presented new...

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Rebranding a true star


Being a successful singer and songwriter for more than 50 years is extremely unusual. Being a music idol and a fashion icon is something only a true star like Sir Elton Jo...

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