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  • March 28, 2020



Employer brand's impact on corporate reputation examined


The employer brand is of untold value to corporate reputation. By crafting an employer brand that is not only able to build awareness of a company, but to effectively communicate what it offers to employees – and perhaps other stakeholder...

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Regional brands damaged by Catalan referendum, says report


While 2017 is over, its many tumultuous events remain fresh in the mind. From disasters to scientific breakthroughs to a move towards global gender equality, perhaps one of the most reported-on events was another referendum. When, on Octob...

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Place branding: perception and reality


Establishing a place brand can help counter the negative perceptions people may have of cities, regions and countries. Amy Sandys discusses the impact a brand can have on tourism, economics, local pride and reputation...

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Speedo deals with Lochte's lie

ryan lochte.jpg

American gold medal swimmer Ryan Lochte’s bizarre behaviour relating to claims he made about being robbed at gunpoint has led to his dismissal by four sponsors, most notably luxury fashion retailer Ralph Lauren and swimwear manufacturer Sp...

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Black market: Online brand protection

fake bag3.jpg

Counterfeit sites and goods are proliferating across several sectors. How can brands protect themselves online from fraudsters, cheats and copycats? Brittany Golob investigates...

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Spicing up brand reputation


US-based fast food chain Chipotle, which serves classic Mexican food and grill, is a firm favourite with taco-lovers across America, Canada and the UK. Chipotle has built its brand on an uncompromis...

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How to repot a brand


Sometimes, like a plant that outgrows its pot, a brand must adapt to accommodate changes to its products or sector. How do organisations faced with this challenge approach rebranding, renaming and repositioning. Emily Andrews investigates...

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Brand profile: Lego


For Lego, being named most powerful brand in the world is an honour that has been decades in the making. Its intangible assets, relaxed approach to brand and newfound corporate leadership potency aver that everything is indeed, awesome. An...

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Big brands buy .porn domain


A new development in the quest for brand security online sees companies purchasing potentially harmful new web domain names such as .porn, .sucks and .adult. The new gTLDs will become available on June 1 and brands are already rushing to secure the dom...

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HSBC crisis latest in bank brand knocks


Despite recent studies listing HSBC among the world’s top-ranking banks in terms of brand value, recent revelations are bound to be destructive. The ongoing tax scandal surrounding HSBC is occurring on an international scale with over 203 countries all...

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