• Transform magazine
  • November 19, 2019



Crafting a brewing icon


For the Brooklyn Brewery, great beer matched with simple, effective branding has created a brand that has stood the test of time. Myles Pinfold, founder of WPA Pinfold, asks what makes a successful, longstanding brand in the...

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Spotlight on King's Cross and Union Square


Two neighbourhoods across two major cities unveiled rebrands recently. How was place branding approached in New York and London? Amy Sandys investigates For the transport hub-cum...

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Time for change

Time out 1.jpeg

Time Out is a brand as synonymous with London life as tube trains, red telephone boxes, and the plethora of jellied eel shops once littering the city's East End. Produced weekly...

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The end of a Renaissance era

The Met 2.jpg

In many cities of the world, where identity is founded upon a decadent array of artistic styles, genres and ideas, art galleries function as a hub of cultural history. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, is no exception...

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MoSEX reawakened


The Museum of Sex (MoSEX) in New York City has rebranded with bolder typefaces, framing erotic images relating to the history, science and culture of sex. This revival hopes to r...

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New York City: Apples and oranges


New York City – the place where so many want to go – to work, to study or just to visit. The legend of the Big Apple has been etched into international perceptions via a multitude of stories, movies and songs. As a result, to...

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Grilled cheese truck prepares for growth

Morris.jpg (1)

Street food markets and food trucks have become a fashionable and popular destination for foodie urbanites, meaning that there is big business potential for brands who do well in this space....

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City cycling


A new identity for Bike New York combines street culture with inclusive imagery. The non-profit is the city’s advocate for cycling as a preferred means of transportation. The brand refresh by Pentagram, a design firm, seeks to engage the l...

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#QAltd and @WeRMissouri are featured in our latest #TransformTuesday! But you guys spotted it already, didn’t you?… https://t.co/Z7jyJGYErr
This week’s #TransformTuesday is now live! Find out the best of the latest rebrands below. https://t.co/pIVeK4jpF9… https://t.co/cAdtWwOn23