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  • February 22, 2024


Samantha North

Nation branding: Indonesia


Jakarta, rife with traffic and infrastructure problems, is not for the faint of heart says Samantha North, despite the appealing tourism destination on offer in the Indonesian capital...

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Nation branding: Jamaica


With a brand that simultaneously presents a welcoming, cheerful facade and a darker, more sinister underbelly, Jamaica’s nation brand presents difficulties to its economy. Can it successfully position itself as neithe...

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New York City: Apples and oranges


New York City – the place where so many want to go – to work, to study or just to visit. The legend of the Big Apple has been etched into international perceptions via a multitude of stories, movies and songs. As a re...

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Hong Kong: Fragrant harbour

Hong Kong2.jpg

In the beginning, Hong Kong was just a small village of fishermen and charcoal burners. No one paid it much attention until the British arrived in 1841, during the height of the Opium Wars. The Chinese soon gave in to...

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Philippines: More fun?


According to last year’s nation brand value report from Brand Finance, the nation brand of the Philippines is on the rise. The report named the Asian-Pacific country among the top 10 fastest growing nation brands in 2...

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France: No more frosty welcomes


As France launches an expensive effort to end its reputation as one of the rudest places to holiday, we take a closer look at the nation brand described as a paradox....

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Nation branding: Limburg, Netherlands


In the Dutch province of Limburg, place branding requires an international strategy. Samantha North reports from the Netherlands The easiest way to reach the small Du...

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Cuba: Caribbean curiosity

che cigar.jpg

For years, Cuba’s national brand has been defined by its isolation from its neighbour 90 miles to the north. Now that the US has changed its policies toward the island nation, will Cuba’s brand change too? Samantha No...

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Dalian: China's cleanest city


The Chinese city of Dalian is commonly nicknamed ‘Hong Kong of the North.’ It is also frequently called the ‘romantic city.’ I lived in Dalian for two years, from 200...

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US: Chicago, a diamond in the rough


Chicago is all about gangsters, hoodlums and Al Capone. It’s about major league sports, hustling and making a quick buck. Or so it used to be, back in what some might say were its good old days....

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