• Transform magazine
  • November 29, 2023


Transform Awards ANZ 2023 open for entries

ANZ Launch

Now in its fourth year, the Transform Awards ANZ is officially back. With entries now open for the 2023 edition of the awards programme, the region will once again be able to celebrate the transformative power of brand strategy, creativity and design.

This year’s entrants will hope to emulate the success of NSW Government and For The People, whose project scooped up three Golds along with the prestigious ‘Grand prix’. Praised for its creative excellence by our panel of esteemed experts in the field of brand and design, the project sets a high bar for future entries.  

The judges, formed by a panel of experts in the branding, marketing and corporate communications field, will create a shortlist recognising those agencies and businesses that excel for their creative or strategic approach to their branding work.

The entry deadline for this year’s awards is 28 July 2023. Transform magazine subscribers can submit work by 9 June 2023 to receive $250 AUD off the total entry cost and get the fifth entry for free. Meanwhile, non-subscribers can enter by 9 June 2023 to receive $175 AUD off the total entry cost. If you book in three entries by 17 March 2023, you will also receive a thought-leadership piece to run on Transform magazine online. Contact Tabby Morrison to register your interest and for more information.

To help craft your winning submissions, download the entry and information guide or contact Tabby for guidance.

The full list of categories are as follows, and their definitions can be found on the dedicated categories page:



Best use of a visual property

Best brand architecture solution

Best use of copy style or tone of voice

Best brand experience

Best use of packaging

Best wayfinding or signage

Best use of audio branding

Best use of typography

Best place or nation brand

Best expression of a brand on social media channels



Best external stakeholder relations during a brand development project

Best internal communications during a brand development project

Best implementation of a brand development project

Best localisation of an international brand



Best creative strategy

Best brand evolution (business)

Best brand evolution (consumer)

Best brand evolution (corporate)

Best strategic or creative development of a new brand

Best development of a new brand within an existing brand portfolio

Best naming strategy (new name)

Best naming strategy (rename)



Best corporate rebrand following a merger or acquisition

Best brand development project to reflect a change of mission, values or positioning

Best brand consolidation

Best rebrand of a digital property

Best employer brand



Charity, NGO or NFP


Energy and utilities

Engineering and manufacturing

Farming and agricultural

Financial services


Food and beverage

Healthcare and pharmaceutical

Industrial and basic materials

Lifestyle and wellness

Mining and extractives

Professional services

Property, construction and

facilities management

Public sector

Retail sector

Sports and leisure

Technology, media and


Transport and logistics

Travel and tourism


Special recognition

Brand strategist of the year

Creative director of the year

Young contender of the year