• Transform magazine
  • June 22, 2024


Superunion designs latest Eurovision Song Contest visual identity with Ukrainian agency


The London-headquartered brand and design consultancy undertook the project in a partnership with Starlight Creative, a creative studio from Kiev. The agencies were also responsible for designing the 2023 Contest’s slogan, ‘United By Music’.

With the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 now just months away, the BBC has unveiled this year’s visual identity and slogan. Superunion and Starlight Creative sought to design an identity which could reflect the power of music to bring people together. This was to be achieved with the unique partnership of the UK, Ukraine and host city Liverpool as a backdrop.

Stuart Radford, executive creative director, and Katherina Tudball, creative director, at Superunion jointly said, "We are thrilled to create the 67th Eurovision Song Contest visual identity in partnership with Ukrainian agency, Starlight, and the BBC. For this year's theme, United By Music, our solution was inspired by research showing that when experiencing live music together, human hearts synchronise to beat in unison. This insight led to the creative concept of 160 million hearts beating as one, an idea that captures the universal spirit of Eurovision.”

The identity, which also draws inspiration from the colours of the Ukrainian and UK flags, hopes to reflect the joy and diversity of the contest. Meanwhile, the typeface ‘Penny Lane’ is inspired by 20th century cast-iron signs, and directly references Liverpool’s most iconic band, The Beatles.


Olena Martynova, from Starlight Creative, adds, “Creativity and music both have the power to unite and inspire. We are so proud to be part of the creative concept for such an important musical event when, more than ever, we need to come together as a global community. For Starlight, it is an opportunity to represent Ukraine on an international stage, showcase our creative and musical ability, and create something that honours our strength and the power of unity.”

The Eurovision 2023 brand is expected to be rolled out across Liverpool in April.