• Transform magazine
  • May 25, 2024


Revised Westbrook Inc. brand aims to inspire

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Founded by American actor Will Smith and his wife, actress Jada Pinkett, entertainment venture company Westbrook Inc. turned to Six Cinquième to design a coherent brand identity.

Having operated since 2019, Westbrook has already worked on a number of high-profile films and television shows, including King Richard, Bel Air and Emancipation. Despite the success, employees and executives were uncertain about what the company represented and what its legacy would be.

In order to solve this identity crisis, Montreal-based Six Cinquième undertook a discovery phase comprised of two co-creative workshops over the space of two days. The strategic design agency attempted to uncover precisely what made Westbrook unique by making the stakeholders think about its long-term future.

Ash Phillips, creative director at Six Cinquième, says, “Our challenge was to turn Westbrook Inc.’s celebrity-driven success into a cohesive, purpose-driven brand that everyone could rally behind. Without a strong sense of purpose and direction, they risked becoming just another flash in the pan in the entertainment industry.”

Six Cinquième decided that the brand’s personality was defined by its people (described as ‘friendly rebels’) and its award-winning premium content, which then played into the brand redesign.

Deviating from the old design, which the agency deemed to be devoid of colour and personality, the new brand aims to act as a strong and clear strategic foundation that an authentic and impactful company can be built from.