• Transform magazine
  • June 02, 2023


Pearlfisher refreshes General Mills fruit snack brands

PFNY Fruitbythefoot KV1

The global design agency was tasked with redesigning the identity of snack brands Fruit Roll-Ups, Fruit By The Foot and Gushers to reach a new generation of teenagers. In achieving this, Pearlfisher had to also ensure the new identities could resonate with disparate age groups that the brands targeted, ranging from early teens to early adulthood.

Pearlfisher’s work extends across packaging, partnerships, digital activations and seasonal expressions, meaning the chosen identities for each of the brands had to be flexible. The solution, the design agency concluded, was to bring new life and energy to the brands which could make teens excited.

Hamish Campbell, VP executive creative director at Pearlfisher, says, “As a team who all grew up with these iconic brands and can vividly recall our own experiences eating these snacks, it felt particularly special and incredibly nostalgic to be able to reimagine these brands for today’s teens.

“Our consumer-first approach to brand building was especially imperative in order to not only pay homage to the cherished equities of the brands but do so in a way that celebrates the lives of these distinctive age groups and their ever-evolving interests.”

Ta’mora Fuhrmann, brand design manager for General Mills, adds, “Creating an expressive and immersive brand experience for each of these brands was really important to us. Brands today need the ability to connect meaningfully with consumers across a variety of touchpoints. For teens specifically, it’s imperative we fit seamlessly into their lives and deliver benefits that extend beyond the product.”

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