• Transform magazine
  • November 29, 2023


British design agency Thompson Brand Partners becomes ThreeTenSeven

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ThreeTenSeven will focus on operating as a brand transformation company that specifically focuses on health and wellbeing. Already fostering a strong reputation in the health and wellbeing sector, the move follows on from its 2018 MBO.

During the rebranding process, managing director Rachel Cook and partners Chris Skelton and Paul McGuigan thoughtfully considered its existing brand equity and pre-established reputation. By undergoing an identity change, they hope the agency’s brand can reflect the progressive and analytical approach that the consultancy takes.

McGuigan says, “In the last few years since the MBO, we’ve helped major organisations like NHS England transform their brand strategies to become more fluid, digitally engaging and, ultimately, more successful operations with greater clarity of purpose at their heart. The recognition of this impact and strategic approach to brand consultancy led us to pivot the business”.


ThreeTenSeven, the agency’s new name, was directly influenced by a quote from American entrepreneur Jim Rohn: "There are only three colours, ten digits, and seven notes; it's what we do with them that's important.” Elsewhere, the new wordmark aims to be simple and easily identifiable.

The agency also developed a collection of graphic ‘intersections’ to represent the varied relationships and influences of any brand challenge, along with the intersectionality of audiences and users. Completing the ThreeSevenTen visual identity is a new colour palette, which includes bright primary colour derivatives, a suite of ever-changing textures and a refreshed website.

Skelton adds, “The new strategic positioning is reflected in the entire redesign of our visual identity, which we hope communicates the business’ progressive, creative, analytical and bold personality. It was important that it feels appropriate to clients new and old, as well as appealing to diverse recruits, so the whole development was co-created by the full studio team via an agile process”.