• Transform magazine
  • June 22, 2024


World’s oldest youth club rebranded by Dragon Rouge

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St Andrew’s Youth Club, which was founded over 150 years ago in London, sought to have its identity refreshed to allow it to serve the changing needs of its young community. Global branding agency Dragon Rouge did the work pro bono for the British charity.

Founded on St. Andrew’s Day in 1886, the club was initially set up for boys aged between 12 and 18 as a response to economic depravity in the Victorian slums. While the Victorian era passed, the charity remained but evolved over the years. St. Andrew’s Youth Club continues its proud and long history of pioneering youth work.

Its rebrand by Dragon Rouge sought to keep in mind the fact that the charity’s first priority is understanding the needs of all its members. The agency’s extensive research over several months, which involved conversations with members, youth workers and trustees, led to a reinvigorated St Andrew’s brand that is ready to enrich young lives going forward.

The brand’s new image is underpinned by the use of a new bold and clear wordmark. Based on street signs around Westminster, it is accompanied by the inclusion of the words ‘youth club’, which add clarity to what the organisation does.

Its new symbol, as seen with the distinctively altered ‘N’ in the wordmark, represents the universal symbol of a house. Stylised as if it were drawn by a young child, it demonstrates shelter, safety, friendship, fun and opportunities – much like the charity itself. Meanwhile, the vibrant ‘Andrew’s blue’ from the new colour palette seeks to ensure greater consistency across its communications and show off the charity’s bright personality.

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Becky King, creative director at Dragon Rouge London, says, “Working with St Andrew’s has been hugely rewarding and a wonderful opportunity to contribute (in some small way) to the next chapter of the club and its ongoing legacy at the heart of Westminster.

“We are happy that the refreshed sense of purpose and new identity now rightly reflects the vibrancy of the activities, people and ambitions of the club,” she adds.