• Transform magazine
  • June 22, 2024


StormBrands reimagines brand identity for Jetcraft

23044 Jetcraft Case Study ZP 02

The global aircraft and trading business sought the help of global agency StormBrands to underline the firm’s credentials of being more than just a private jet broker. The agency’s designs attempt to create an authentic and coherent story and brand world.

At the beginning of the project, StormBrands undertook extensive research by auditing and mapping the sector, as well as interviewing clients and key stakeholders, in order to fully understand the brand.

The new value proposition of ‘Worldwide aircraft sales at the speed of life’ would inform the agency of every creative decision. This included photography style, logo treatment, typography choice and the revitalised tone of voice.

Nick Corbett, creative director at StormBrands, says, “This was an exciting piece of business to work on and client to work with. We put a lot of energy and care into getting the brand strategy right and, once we’d landed on the value proposition, the creative decisions happened quite intuitively. We like to think that everyone who sees the Jetcraft brand now feels it too.”


Attempting to evoke a market-leading business which is always on the move, the agency believes the new brand story comes from the very heart of the Jetcraft organisation.

Lauren Kinelski, VP marketing at Jetcraft, adds, “In what is a complex marketplace dominated by word of mouth and relationships, StormBrands has succeeded in articulating our brand in a beautifully compelling way, elevating our offer and fully defining our point of difference in the industry.”


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