• Transform magazine
  • July 18, 2024


British design agency Sunhouse rebrands LikeMeat for the plant-curious


LikeMeat is a range of plant-based products under the LiveKindly Collective portfolio which positions itself as the prime choice of ‘carnivores with a conscience’. To show off more of the brand’s personality, positivity and punch, Sunhouse’s work includes the updating of LikeMeat’s brandmark and packaging.

With LikeMeat’s new strategy representing an alignment shift from humble alternative to pleasurable choice, Sunhouse’s work was derived from the recognition that the company’s plant-curious audience of meat-lovers would not want to be deprived of the ‘tasty good times’.

James Giles, creative director at Sunhouse, says, “LikeMeat is a brand full of paradoxes; offering the familiar, traditional comfort foods that people love in a surprising way that fits the future of conscious eating. Our challenge was to see [how] we could visually bring this duality to life, exploring how far we could push it on packaging to create distinction in a category that is still a bit creatively stuck in an expected sea of green”.

Seeking to bring out the playfulness of the brand, Sunhouse’s new logo design includes bold, yet friendly colours and typography. Building on the previous logo, the leaf seen in the brandmark over the letter ‘i’ hides a hidden tick within it as a nod to LikeMeat ‘sprouting’ a new movement in food. This more distinct design is utilised across all brand communications.


The most exciting part of the new brand design is the ‘drool-worthy’ photography which stars LikeMeat’s products. Seeking to give the brand a human touch, it strays from the idea of conscious eating by playing on the theme of ‘perfectly imperfect’ and encourages celebrating the beautiful mess enjoying good food creates.

“LikeMeat invited us to be as brave with our design as they are with their products,” comments Tom Maurice, founder at Sunhouse. “The result is a brandmark and packaging that are purposeful and proud, but also full of positivity, personality and love for good food – an awesomely delicious antidote from the more preachy players that are crowding the plant-based space.”

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