• Transform magazine
  • October 01, 2023


Sibling Rivalry rejuvenates visual identity for American network company BET

BET Community Activation 01

BET, which aims to advance black culture and be a unified voice for the black community, has seen its first major brand evolution in its 42-year history thanks to the work of New York-based agency Sibling Rivalry.

This includes a master brand and a range of unique designs for its logo system, in which BET seeks to encapsulate the core roots of its brand’s values. For instance, BET Her aims to invoke a sense of femininity, empowerment and sophistication. Meanwhile, BET Soul aims to be expressive and heartfelt.

All marque designs are connected to the BET master brand and contained within a simple black square, allowing for greater consistency across all sub-brands. The flexibility of this new brand identity allows temporary promotions, like Black History Month, to be easily installed in and celebrated.


A crucial component of Sibling Rivalry’s work involved a nation-wide campaign, coined the ‘Black Canvas’, where a group of artists created bespoke murals in the streets of cities, including Houston, Baltimore and Atlanta.

Joe Wright, co-founder and chief creative officer of creative agency Sibling Rivalry, says. “As the destination for all forms of Black creative expression, the concept of Black Canvas became the heart of the new identity. A magnetic force that brings Black creators together. It could ultimately take on any shape or form, designed as a device to showcase all forms of expression.” 

He adds, “The new visual identity was a revolution, an opportunity to modernize, but more importantly, help the brand feel relevant and contemporary well into the future. Our work was both a branding exercise and a cultural statement, staying true to its mission of advancing Black love, joy, power, and pride.”