• Transform magazine
  • February 22, 2024


Global talent acquisition firm Cielo receives updated identity

Header1744x960 Branding3 Cielo

Heavenly, a global brand consultancy, designed Cielo’s identity refresh in an attempt to position the firm as unique in its category. The agency created new values, narrative and messaging, visual, verbal and sonic identities, and internal and external launch communications.

The core brand idea adopted on the project was ‘a breath of fresh air’, which was utilised for every aspect of the brand. From a refreshing down-to-earth tone of voice to illuminating gradients within the visual language, the rebranding sought to demonstrate not just how Cielo looks and sounds, but how it does better for the world of work.


Heavenly’s strategy director, Marie-France van Heel, says, “As we got to know the team at Cielo, we realised that they were so human: really down-to-earth, engaging and fun. In the world of talent acquisition, where technology can often overtake the people aspect of recruitment, that humanity was totally refreshing, and it acted as a springboard for our strategic approach.”

Cielo’s CEO Marissa Geist believes the rebrand, which also aimed to celebrate its energising and entrepreneurial spirit, truly reflects the humanising nature of the talent acquisition firm. “Without question, talent is the currency everyone’s talking about today,” she says. “Heavenly have brilliantly captured what makes us unique and our company is excited about seeing our new brand out there.”