• Transform magazine
  • February 22, 2024


Derek&Eric brands fuss-free health and wellness supplement HUX

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Aiming to target ordinary people who need a helping hand, the British design consultancy sought to cut through the crowded category when designing the new brand. It hoped to design a striking visual identity for HUX which could utilise repeating patterns.

Attempting to answer how a supplement brand could be designed in the health and wellness category without all the fuss, Derek&Eric’s work was not aiming to speak to the gym-obsessed or nutrition evangelists.

Alex Stewart, creative partner at Derek&Eric, says, “The nutrition supplement category is a visually busy and confusing world. It’s full of complex product portfolios with a huge range of claims and benefits for people to unpack an understand. It can be overwhelming and hard to know what to choose to suit your needs and lifestyle.

“People really don’t have the time to think about this in such detail, so we positioned HUX to counter that. A fuss-free solution that delivers confidence at a glance. Pulling people into the brand versus pushing just benefits and claims to them.”

Making use of an infinity symbol at the heart of the new wordmark, the consultancy created a simple design system with a sense of rhythm for the scientifically backed products.

With Derek&Eric borrowing visual cues from the world of fashion, the hallmarks of the brand are striking colours, clear space and repeating patterns. The hope is that a stylish and confident brand, which will fit seamlessly into your life and home, has been created.

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“HUX is a premium quality brand produced to the best specifications,” Stewart adds. “There are parallels to the fashion world with that ethos. Thinking about fashion world cues helped us create a design system that slots into people’s worlds rather than clash with it. This is a brand that needs to seamlessly look at home on your countertop or office desk.”