• Transform magazine
  • March 03, 2024


British youth and student travel company sees major rebrand following acquisition


Intravelr was formed from Invasion, a company that specialised in providing unforgettable experiences to younger generations, and Intrax, a US company which acquired them in 2021. Along with the name change, the company has now adopted a new visual identity.

Following exponential growth over the past decade, Salford-based Invasion went through big changes following the Covid-19 pandemic. Also following on from its recent US expansion, the company is now ready to take its next big step to inspire the next generation as ‘Intravelr’.

Its new name is partially informed by the merging of Invasion and Intrax (‘In’), while the rest of the name reflects its core mission to create life changing cultural exchange opportunities around the globe (‘Travelr’).


Nick Steiert, CEO at Invasion, says, “As a resilient travel company coming through the pandemic, a new dawn was upon us after our exciting acquisition by Intrax. As a brand, we needed to change the Invasion brand name to fully encompass our core values of community, culture, fun, and volunteer opportunities.” 

Elsewhere, the new brand colour of vibrant light blue, replacing red, represents the Earth, nature and water – the primal elements in the company’s programmes. This is reflected in the new logo and website designs which tightly align themselves to the company’s business model of innovation and creativity.


Dennis Wong, CEO at Intrax, says, “What attracted Intrax to Invasion's portfolio of camp travel products was their ability to connect with the customer while raising awareness around global topics such as conservation and sustainability. 

“Rebranding to Intravelr connects both our past and our future, a reflection of us internally as a company and externally with our customers and partners. We are excited to start this new chapter with the rebranding to build on our mission to connect people and cultures.”