• Transform magazine
  • March 27, 2023


Clarkmcdowall unites two brands to form International Fresh Produce Association

Pma3 01

The New York-based brand architect agency was tasked with bringing together the two largest American fresh produce and floral associations – Produce Marketing Association (PMA) and United Fresh Produce Association (UFPA). By creating one unified force, the aim is that the industry will be better served.

It was decided in 2021 that PMA and UFPA should join forces in their collective mission of solving issues relating to climate change, food security, and supply chain management. The purpose of the newly branded International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA) is to influence and advocate within the global fresh produce and floral supply chain to create positive change.

Clarkmcdowall sought to create a holistic brand vision. This included designing a shared purpose, narrative, name, visual and verbal identity, brand architecture, and brand governance. Another challenge for the agency in this mammoth project was ensuring the new brand would be relatable to disparate stakeholder groups including growers, producers and distributors, but also policy makers and the media.

Paul McDowall, co-founder of the agency, says, “It was our priority to honour and respect the culture of both of these successful organisations, providing a place of trust and open-mindedness. They needed a partner who was going to listen, interpret, and guide the journey with sensitivity.”

Defining the brand character as ‘the impactful champion’, Clarkmcdowall used this as a springboard to design a system in which both organisations would remain in the new visual identity. The seed, representing the foundation from which all things grow, became the creative concept cornerstone of the new visual identity system.

“Similar to the seed,” says Theresa Lehmann, design director at Clarkmcdowall, “International Fresh Produce Association breathes new life and gives meaning to the brilliance and energy of the produce industry.”

The new name was designed to give a sense of gravitas to the organisation, while the bold visual design elements of the new brand take inspiration from natural beauty, be it the overhead geometry of fields or a close-up of the end product.

With its ability to expand and contract, IFPA’s identity has strength in flexibility, therefore enabling it to exist in a complex brand world. Clarkmcdowall believes the unified brand has a clear purpose and can rally its audiences towards a greater common cause.