• Transform magazine
  • October 01, 2023


British agency Taxi Studio rebrands Celebrations as year-round treat

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The Mars Wrigley brand sought the help of Taxi Studio to help deliver one of the biggest rebrands in its history. Attempting to finally move away from its strong Christmas connections, the confectionary brand now adopts a more streamlined expression, with the Celebrations masterbrand mark operating as the central focal point.

Bidding to be taken seriously as a 365 days a year option for consumers, Celebrations’ rebrand addresses its struggle to remain relevant in a crowded market. With the constituent brands, such as Galaxy, Bounty and Twix, overshadowing Celebrations itself, Taxi Studio’s work aims to bring greater brand equity.

The agency opted to modernise Celebrations by making it more progressive in order to fit in more with its younger, tech savvy audience. The overall emphasis from the project was to redefine what ‘celebration’ actually means, which Taxi Studio addressed by engineering a more inviting and playful brand personality. Dynamism and energy were added to the brand with iconised depictions of the wrappers, hoping to unify the disparate confectionary brands.


Ryan Wills, CEO and founder at Taxi Studio, says, “Celebrations, by definition, is about being bold in marking a festivity or occasion, so this brand expression needs to communicate and evoke this feeling through every touch point.

“The interaction with the brand and box is an opportunity to remind consumers of the universality of festivities. It’s not just about Christmas - it’s about finding joy and celebration in even more mundane moments of togetherness and creating distinctive memory structures that reinforce these associations.”