• Transform magazine
  • September 27, 2021


venturethree creates visual and sonic identity for cardless credit brand

Bip 1

Global brand agency, venturethree, worked with UK credit provider, NewDay, to create a brand identity and launch campaign for Bip, NewDay’s digital only credit card.

Designed around the customer, Bip offers a completely cardless alternative for the traditional credit card category with features that put the consumer in control through a single app.

venturethree was tasked with creating a solely digital brand identity which, like Bip’s proposition, reflects the need for simplicity. At the heart of the new visual identity sits a range of verbal and graphic elements, leveraged by NewDay’s internal product design teams for maximum impact across UX and UI touchpoints. Together, the elements aim to enable the brand to look different every time one sees it, whilst also remaining true to the Bip brand.

venturethree was responsible for building every aspect of the brand, starting with the distinctive name Bip, which echoes the sound of a notification, alert or instant transaction. Playing on the syllable of Bip’s name, venturethree also created a sonic brand that aims to convey the simplicity of the product in one sound. More than just a name, ‘Bip’ acts as the gateway to an experience-led sonic soundscape, which features everything from haptics, to a mnemonic, to a full audio track.

“Our central idea was to create a brand identity which was disruptively simple. By building the brand from the experience outwards and maintaining a strong customer focus, we foresee Bip’s unique visual and sonic identities ultimately becoming the digital metaphor for credit,” says Tim Jackson, design director at venturethree.

Central to the brand identity is a graphic dot that embodies the simplicity of the completely cardless credit experience, while the vibrant colour palette seeks to contrast with the monochrome to complement the brand’s bold tone of voice.

The brand was designed to wrap around all moments of the customer experience within the app, powered by control features that enable customers to set their own spend limits and see how much they could save on interest with Bip’s payment calculator.

Elizabeth Skinner, director of marketing at NewDay, says, “Bip is designed for a growing population of consumers who want a digital only credit experience with effortless control. With a bold and recognisable brand identity that reflects the simplicity of the Bip proposition, our latest product is an opportunity to spearhead the evolution of credit within the UK marketplace in line with evolving consumer needs.”