• Transform magazine
  • September 27, 2021


Offthetopofmyhead creates name, logo and graphic identity for Inside Edge


UK design agency, Offthetopofmyhead , has designed the new name, logo and graphic identity for Inside Edge, a company that builds in-house digital teams, offering a range of services including advisory, digital project delivery and training.

Inside Edge believes that every organisation should own its digital future with an internal team that continually innovates.  Its mission is to help clients to do that in a sustainable way that ensures self-sufficiency as well as competitive advantage into the future.

The name, ideated by Offthetopofmyhead, aims to encompass the essence of the business, to reimagine in-house digital teams so they can transform themselves and achieve a competitive advantage. The name also informed other parts of the brand identity, like the logo. The logo, in fact, is a literal interpretation of the company’s name, where the curser-like vertical line represents the ‘inside edge.’

“The line makes it possible for the two words to share the letter ‘E’ and create the impression that the edge is emerging from the inside. Inside Edge’s graphic identity is understated and confident yet playful.” says John Spencer, Offthetopofmyhead founder and creative director.