• Transform magazine
  • October 25, 2021


Slice Design creates branding and packaging for new probiotic dental range

Luvbiotics Mouthwash Packaging Design

London-based brand, packaging and design agency, Slice Design, worked with health and beauty care product retailer, Hampton Brands, to design the identity for Luvbiotics, a new probiotic dental hygiene range.


Luvbiotics' mission is to help maintain a healthy balanced oral microbiome, introducing people to a new dental care that addresses the needs of todays’ busy consumers seeking healthier products. 

Slice Design rooted the brand in 'mouth confidence' and social networking. The more friendly bacteria one has, the better ones oral health is and the more confident one is. It was key for the agency to educate the consumer on the effectiveness of dental probiotics whilst presenting the brand in a friendlier way.

The logo is rooted in accessible, approachable science. The lowercase letter form was chosen in order to balance the more advanced product characteristics to give consumers confidence without appearing harsh.

“Our packaging design positions the brand as experts in mouth confidence. Fresh shards are connected on pack mirroring the social networking aspect while the blue tones are used to emphasise a superior clean from a trusted brand,” says Alan Gilbody, founder and director of Slice Design.

Luvbiotics is powered by probiotics with xylitol and natural ingredients. To highlight the ingredients used in all Luvbiotics products, Slice Design created a Bionet technology icon on pack. The icon promotes the benefits of the blend of good bacteria and natural ingredients with dental benefits across the range for a healthier mouth.

The tone of voice aims to be confident, expert, uplifting and fresh.