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  • March 03, 2024


#NewBrandMonday: 11 January

NBM Website 11 Jan

Here are this week's selection of newly launched brands from around the world. For more from #NewBrandMonday, follow @Transformsays on Twitter.





World-famous producer and rapper Travis Scott partnered with American brewery and beers producer Anhueser-Busch to create Cacti, a new brand of agave spiked seltzer. The idea behind Cacti was inspired by the artist’s love for tequila and its flavours, and the refreshing taste of seltzer; the first available flavours will be lime, pineapple and strawberry. The strapline ‘Down to earth ingredients, out of this world flavour’ reflects the local brewing process and 100% premium blue agave from Mexico. The brand identity is fresh and bold, as exemplified with the packaging, which has recognisable aspects of Scott’s overarching line yet is also powerful stand alone as a whole new brand.





California fintech bank Green Dot launched GO2bank, a mobile bank to assist people living paycheck by paycheck to stretch their money and build a stronger financial base. The mobile banking brand will make money access and management safe and easy, and will provide customers with tools to help address common financial challenges and opportunities to improving long-term financial health. Like the name says, it will be a ‘go to bank;’ an easy, accessible and seamless banking that combines security and innovation of fin-tech. GO2bank’s simple design allows for customers to easily reduce expensive methods like check cashiers and money orders and build control in the way they manage their money, with overdraft protection, high-value rewards and high interest savings.




Hideaway Brewing

Dan Wright, a former HR manager who was made redundant during the Covid-19 pandemic has launched his own craft beer brand, Hideaway Brewing Co. Just one week after launching, the business nearly sold out all of its first batch of beers, all of which were inspired by European and American beers. Some of them include American rye pale ‘Arcade nights’ and a double chocolate milkshake stout ‘End boss.’ The detailed and colourful artwork on the beer cans, created by using free graphic design websites, was inspired by a trip the Wright and his wife (co-founder of the brewing business) took to Tokyo’s arcade district. Not only does Hideaway Brewing have unique tastes and style , it is also very authentic, with Wright stating he doesn’t use extracts like other large brewers. As the websites reads ‘Yes we can and you can too!’ a slogan that refers to every beer being canned into 440ml cans giving the possibility of having a large beer which also fits perfectly into the brand’s glasses.





Hyundai Motor Group has introduced a new brand, HTWO, to represent the company’s hydrogen fuel-cell system that can be applied to different forms of mobility, including air transport and trains, and to present the element as a good energy for humans. The new brand will assist in establishing Hyundai’s global fuel-cell business and grow the hydrogen ecosystem. The name and brand stand for both the hydrogen molecule, H2, and for ‘hydrogen’ and ‘humanity,’ the two main pillars of Hyundai’s fuel cell business. The fuel cell system will deliver enhanced performance and durability at an affordable price in a lighter architecture.