• Transform magazine
  • April 22, 2024


MultiAdaptor develops new brand identity for smart contracts platform

Oneflow Top Banner

Sweden based smart contacts platform, Oneflow, worked with London-based branding agency MultiAdaptor to develop a new visual identity that would set it apart from the competition and standout.


MultiAdaptor captured Oneflow’s vision for a more seamless, fluid and enjoyable way to do contracts in a single-minded brand idea: ‘from friction to flow’. A core organising thought that translates what Oneflow stands for, and reflects the user experience of their product, driving all aspects of the new brand.

The three core behaviour that help deliver the idea of friction to flow and shape how the brand looks, sounds, feels and acts are: fight friction, unleash data and provide clarity. The result is a brand experience that aims to be uplifting yet simple.

As Oneflow customers are often said to have an ‘aha!’ moment when they first realise the power of the product, with the sales team replying 'That’s the magic,’ ‘contract magic’ became the brand’s definition of flow. From the logo and graphic language, to magical messaging and imagery — the entire identity seeks to express the idea of magic in a playful and sophisticated way. Representing data, magic, and flow in one element, a ‘flow of magic data’ is also the central graphic motif in the Oneflow identity, tying everything together.

MultiAdaptor also created a set of hero brand images and a short film, which features people experiencing ‘the magic flow, or the feeling customers get when they use the brand’s products, to bring the brand to life across Oneflow’s website and social channels.