• Transform magazine
  • July 18, 2024


Viva Eve rebrands as it commits to deliver ‘one-of-a-kind’ experience in women’s healthcare

TT 6 July Viva Eve

New York City-based women's health provider, Viva Eve, launched its new brand identity, including a redesigned logo, website and colour palette to create a welcoming space for its patients. The rebrand aims to further enhance its patient-first philosophy that combines medical expertise with an empowering approach.

With the vision of bringing women the expert in-depth care they need and the personalised experience they deserve, Viva Eve set out to create a better way forward and developed a health destination offering integrated specialty care for women under one roof.

Starting with their website, Viva Eve aimed to create a more cohesive experience, offering education, empowerment, and transparency across their services. Designed to make the website journey more seamless, the brand’s site seeks to bridge the gap between patient and provider, offering an entry point for truly personalised gynecologic care. From navigating services, to browsing their expertly written clinical content, women can learn about gynecologic, obstetrics, and fibroid topics that are treatable in-house. 

"A woman's healthcare journey today is fragmented, disjointed—rushed doctors, multiple visits to different specialists and offices, and a lack of education on her options are unfortunately all too common,” says Dr. James A. Gohar, CEO and co-founder of Viva Eve.

"Women deserve warmth, empathy, and comfort from their doctor, along with expert medical care and at Viva Eve, patients get exactly that,” says co-founder and president of Viva Eve, Nehal Farouky.