• Transform magazine
  • July 18, 2024


DesignStudio develops new visual identity for Czech technology platform

Livesport Boxes

Shortly after its 15th birthday, Czech technology company, Livesport, decided it was time to overhaul its existing brand identity. Working with London-based design agency, DesignStudio, it developed a new, clearer and simpler visual identity.


While Livesport initially sought to integrate its product marketing communication across all channels, it then realised it needed a wider, more comprehensive change and decided to overhaul its existing brand identity. The new brand aims to be clearer and more detailed, uniting all the brand types within the company under one.

The key challenge for DesignStudio was to find a visual expression for both the sporting aspect of the comapany, and the tech one. The final design displays both, combining them into one with the use of typography, logo, colours, and graphical elements.

At the heart of the new identity lies the idea was that sports and technology share some similarities. Circles, rectangles, and lines draw a framework that makes up a tapestry, the Livesport Court, and a foundation for the brand’s graphic expression. The visual assets, inspired by the lines of different sports courts, can be cropped into sections to create a different variety of compositions, or can be scaled down and multiplied.

The logo’s typeface, LS Display, was chosen to make the corporate design system more ownable and recognisable.

“This neutral sans serif typeface was conceived specifically for user interfaces and is one of the hero assets. Providing an unmistakable visual style and foundation for the rest of the graphic system, it was constructed to have uniform width across all characters,” Alan Zaruba, the external art director of the rebranding project.

“To create a new marque for new Livesport services, the wordmark can also be paired with an additional word set in a supplementary font of the typeface, LS Light,” he adds.

Livesport also worked with Prague-based creative agency, Brainz Studios, which helped secure the digital side of the rebrand along with the design and launch of a new website.