• Transform magazine
  • April 22, 2024


Initials creates new brand positioning for potato milk brand

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Creative agency, Initials, developed a new positioning for potato milk brand DUG ahead of the brand’s entry into UK grocery stores in February 2022.

To ensure to cut through in the highly saturated dairy alternative market, Initials developed the ‘Dare to DUG’ positioning, built around a daring and urban personality for the brand.

Considering the need to engage both ‘category rejecters’ and dairy alternative consumers with existing brand preferences, Initials designed the campaign to inspire audiences to challenge their perceptions and leap into the unexpected.

“DUG was faced with a crowded and highly competitive market – which was not crying out for another challenger. There was also  tension of DUG being potato-based – not exactly where people were used to looking for their milk alternatives. So, we helped DUG make a virtue of this very point of difference, to challenge perception and the consumer’s palettes. Daring them to try DUG’s superior tasting product for themselves,” says Josh Tilley, strategy director at Initials.

The campaign features bold graphic typography and provocative photography, in addition to static and animated assets including bold headlines and imagery. This aims to drive consumer action whilst also celebrating the benefits of the brand.

“We are proud of DUG and what it stands for, its nutrition, neutral taste and being the most sustainable option on the market, among alternative milks. This category is getting crowded and that’s why we needed to find the creative angle to fit the positioning, to get the consumers interest,” says Cecilia Lindwall, CEO at DUG, Veg of Lund.