• Transform magazine
  • June 26, 2022


Genie Drinks unveils major rebrand by Bulletproof

TT 24 August Genie Kombucha

Genie Drinks, producer of vegan kombucha and probiotic Live Sodas, has undertaken a major rebrand with brand agency Bulletproof. This comes as part of its strategy to become the market leader of the adult softs and kombucha categories and to establish itself as a genuine competitor amongst the biggest players in the mainstream soft drinks sector.

The rebrand aims to grow market share by increasing the rate of sale and distribution and shaking up the brand’s on-shelf presence, as well as increasing engagement by communicating its ethical ethos.

Bulletproof positioned Genie as the soda company that delivers benefits without the nonsense – bringing healthy sodas to the many, not the few – the studio delivered a distinctive look that aims to demystify a complex category. The new identity, with its bold logomarks incorporating taglines such as ‘Super Natural Sodas’, and benefit stamps calling out key variant benefits, seeks to bring consistency to the range whilst introducing distinct personalities for each variant.

“The adult soft drinks market is shifting. Health and wellness is shaking off its privilege and becoming less restrictive, more balanced. Genie Drinks stands up against the soda giants and niche players with a refreshingly straight-up, relatable attitude that speaks to Real Lifers, helping them live well on their own terms. What it needed was the identity to match – so we elevated the brand to connect with these Real Lifers on an emotional level, cutting through the noise with an uncompromising and approachable identity,” says Jamie Gandee, creative director at Bulletproof.

Genie Drinks’ move to sustainable cans is a significant step in fulfilling the company’s goal to be 100% sustainable and 100% ethical. This standpoint is of increasing importance to consumers and is at the heart of the brand.

“Genie Drinks is on a mission to provide consumers with a genuine alternative to the traditional, sugar and sweetener filled soft drinks that dominate the soft drinks category. Our rebrand has been undertaken to powerfully communicate our unique offering in the market to consumers and stockists so that we can challenge the biggest players in the sector, grow market share, and provide drinks that deliver no-nonsense health benefits without compromising on taste,” says Alex Webster, co-founder of Genie Drinks.