• Transform magazine
  • November 29, 2023


Fellow Studio develops brand for new range of premium CBD products

GN Packaging 06 1920X1080

Branding agency, Fellow Studio, developed the brand identity for a new range of premium CBD products, Good Nature. The project was to encompass development of the strategic framework, visual identity and brand voice.


Through market insights and a series of stakeholder workshops, Fellow created a brand narrative that captured the essence of the CBD products. The name ‘Good Nature,’ aims to be a simple and distilled articulation of the brand narrative, purpose and values. This sentiment is reflected throughout the identity, and iterated in the strapline ‘wellbeing, well made.’

Fellow designed a logo with an organic aesthetic. The marque is a minimal representation of the original logotype, using the same reference points to nature with a graphical seed. The core tones and colour combinations aims to exude a calming effect.

A Grid System is used and based on scientific botanical papers, creating a framework that communicates the knowledge behind the brand. The illustration style, based on botanical studies, is curated to highlight key ingredients, as well as reinforce the organic nature of the CBD products. The illustrations combine simple line drawings with layered colour to add dimension and vibrancy.

Working closely with the client team, Fellow developed a wide range of packaging options. This entailed creating designs for Good Nature bottles, tubes, sprays and boxes - across products ranging through creams, oils and edible gummies.