• Transform magazine
  • June 02, 2023


Free-from pizza gets ‘Italian with edge’ rebrand

White Rabbit 1

White Rabbit, a gluten free and vegan Italian food brand, worked with UK-based food and drink branding specialists The Collaborators to create a new brand identity and packaging to ramp up its to ramp up its presence ahead of plans to widen its product range.


Though White Rabbit has already established itself in the free-from industry, the brand wanted to make sure it was in the best shape for the future and had a strong equity, both physically and emotionally. Working with The Collaborators White Rabbit Working that despite having told their story of starting the business in The White Rabbit pub, the brand was not making the most of their authentic Italian credentials.

“White Rabbit already has a loyal following and the packaging had good impact on shelf, but it wasn’t even telling half the story. We wanted to inject more of that Italian love for food and togetherness into the brand, as well strengthening and expanding the visual equities across its brand world,” says Jayne Noblet, director at The Collaborators.

As specialists offering gluten free and/or vegan dietary choices, there was also a need for clarity around the offer whilst also allowing everyone to join in, rather than leaving anyone out. It was important that the brand could introduce a new generation to the joy of Italian food with a fresh and distinctive style, and without resorting to the classic Italian symbols.

To counter this, The Collaborators coined the phrase ‘Italian with Edge,’ giving White Rabbit a bold new look with a firm nod to where it started, plus an extra helping of ‘Italian playfulness.’