• Transform magazine
  • July 03, 2022


Design studio Fluoro creates new brand identity for community initiative BADU

02 Fluoro Badu

London-based design studio, Fluoro, revealed a new brand identity for BADU, a community initiative which provides world guidance, mentorship and support through physical education, school programmes and local communities.


Fluoro began by defining the new brand identity and guidelines around the proposition ‘Build Belonging.’ The concept was then translated into visual assets, including the logotype which uses a bold typeface and contrasting curves to add a playful element to the overall identity. The dynamic icon represents the idea of community and coming together.

The existing colours of black and red were retained for brand recognition, but a secondary colour palette was introduced to help the brand appeal to a broader and more diverse market. The final colours aim to add an element of playfulness whilst giving BADU more flexibility to experiment across its different channels.

“Ending up in the rare situation where you feel out of place – like you don’t belong – is completely overwhelming and debilitating. BADU drew me to the painful truth that many of our young people feel this way, all day, every day. By capturing the true identity of BADU, we hope to contribute towards helping the young people in our community feel like they belong – enabling them to become the best versions of themselves and one day drive the future of our city #thebaduway,” says Tim Smith, founder and creative director of Fluoro.