• Transform magazine
  • July 03, 2022


JDO revamps Holistic London’s identity


Design agency, JDO, rebranded Holistic London, an independent wellness brand on a mission to make fragrance better for all.


Beyond providing home and personal care products, the brand is committed to bringing humanity, integrity and transparency to the fragrance industry.

JDO designed a more modern aesthetic that aims to reflect the power of scent whilst echoing the brand’s ‘self-care with a conscious’ mantra. “Holistic London believes that the practice of self-care should extend to care for our planet and care for other people. With an ambition to grow and a passion to create positive impact, they needed a full rebrand that truly brought this purpose to life,” says Fiona Florence, managing director at JDO.

JDO’s design aims to be luxurious yet approachable to express the brand’s premium quality and purpose. The new brandmark features an icon of the letter ‘H,’ which seeks to exude confidence whilst also express care. This is complemented with a pastel palette to give the impression of scent with the bits of gold adding a touch of opulence. Soft, undulating graphics symbolise the way moods are fluid and ever-changing, whilst also illustrating the different ingredients’ provenances.

 “Our biggest challenge was in communicating the many facets of Holistic London’s purpose whilst maintaining an aesthetic of premium simplicity. The new identity visually balances the elements of boldness and softness to express the brand’s story in a way that is refined, yet still warm,” says Sara Faulkner, associate creative director at JDO comments.

In addition to designing the identity, JDO provided strategic support in articulating Holistic London’s vision and developing creative guiding principles to aid brand activation.