• Transform magazine
  • November 30, 2022


StormBrands designs identity for Black in Business

2.Stormbrands Blackin Business1

Brand and design consultancy StormBrands worked with London Business School to create a visual identity and tone of voice for the school’s Black in Business club. The organisation aims to cultivate an environment that promotes the representation and advancement of black students.


StormBrands was approached by Black in Business founders Tabria Lenard and Cole Agbede to create a global brand platform for the association with the ambition to create major impact in the business world. Black in Business needed to represent much more than just a student club and a business school, rather it had to feel like a force for positive change and a clear statement of intent to inspire a better future.

“We were both humbled and excited by the challenge to collaborate on a new identity with the Black in Business team that not only helps the organisation connect with more people but also educates those with whom they connect about real issues facing Black students today.
Our immersive approach led to our creative idea; ‘IN the conversation’. A simple, powerful, and effective solution to help empower their team to create positive momentum towards a brighter business future for all,” says Richard de Hoxar, StormBrands creative director.

In addition to the new brand positioning, StormBrands developed a dynamic typography and vibrant colour palette. The blues aim to add a bold tone to the brand identity whilst also express confidence and reliability. The black, on the other hand, adds depth and texture while seeking to deliver on professionalism and attitude.

The clear and simple copy writing, together with the brand’s tone of voice, aims to build an empowering, welcoming and sharp visual identity. This is further enhanced by a connective keyline graphic device that helps link content across different touchpoints, bringing focus to the different stories.