• Transform magazine
  • January 27, 2023


Design: an escape for humans in times of hardships

Ahmad Alsaadi, Managing Director & Co Founder:Adinb

Ahmad Al Saadi, managing director and co-founder of a creative and communications agency, Gulf Advertising in Business 'ADinB,' located in the UAE and France, writes about how design acts as a smart tool in response to unforeseen situations.

I have been in the creative industry for over 20 years and thought that I mastered the skill of predicting the unexpected in business, but when the pandemic hit more than a year ago, the business world took an unforeseen turn which triggered a new reality. Clients began approaching creative agencies with different perspectives in mind as consumers’ consumption behavior shifted. 

We have witnessed the fear in our clients’ eyes as the abrupt transition to online platforms created the perception that the human factor and experience had slipped away, making it more difficult for them to express their thoughts and bring their vision to life. As a result, agencies had to quickly adapt to the new norm  and intensify their efforts in order to enhance the connection with their clients. They sought to alter and rearrange the design tools to suit the changing needs of their clients and create an identity that mirrors their values.

Designs are no longer static; they are heavily focused on features that add the human sense to them, helping them build a real and valuable relationship with the audience. Now, audio plays a significant role in capturing the viewers’ attention. The methodology behind the colours and fonts has been replaced with bolder, more daring ones which speak directly to the audience. It is important for creative agencies to be updated and adapt to the current emerging trends in order to maintain their relevance and fit into new routines and expectations. 

Considering most of the services are now provided online, power lies within the content as it resonates the personality of the brand. One word plays a huge role and each one is chosen to speak to targeted audiences. Ironically, distance deepened everyone’s determination to succeed. It has created a larger brainstorm room and agencies have taken this opportunity to dig deeper and discover new concepts. Creating a new dimension is the new priority.

It is no secret that the visibility barriers are slowly fading as the internet is becoming a dominant factor in our daily lives. Agencies, whether they are on an international or national level, are placed on an equal footing making everyone and everything in sight. National agencies and small studios are becoming the source of inspiration for international ones and vice versa. Social media platforms have turned into museums where content from all around the world is being showcased, giving everyone the opportunity to put forward their work, culture, creative thinking, and methods. 

Through the victories and losses, which are considered as lessons, design accompanied and adapted. Consumers are now exposed to a larger scale and an increase amount of content. Creative agencies hold a greater responsibility to maintain their relevance and competitiveness.

Each creative agency shapes its identity through its work making each one’s story unique and ADinB is writing its own journey by introducing future designs through a wide array of creative and innovative solutions for visual communication. Driven by creativity, learning and technology we welcome obstacles and embrace new challenges.