• Transform magazine
  • July 30, 2021


Covid-19 startup rolls out new brand identity by Landscape

Landscape Curative 09

Covid-19 testing and vaccine startup, Curative, is rolling out a new brand identity to support its national expansion and drive broader awareness of its offering. Developed with Landscape, a San Francisco-based design studio, the new brand aims to instill confidence and a sense of optimism, conveying the health service offering with clarity.


Having celebrated its first anniversary earlier this year, Curative has grown from a lab science start-up to a wide health services company. The new identity evolves the brand’s narrative to inspire trust and engagement with individuals in both big cities and rural areas as a base to support its expansion.

“Scaling rapidly means communicating effectively for Curative. We needed to better convey what was unique about our organisation and service, and why people should care, and above all, trust us. The evolved brand is the outcome of those objectives. It signals our commitment to building a healthier tomorrow by making essential health services more equitably accessible,” says Fred Turner, CEO and co-founder of Curative.

The design system is based on the brand principles of universal accessibility, radical ambition, and collective power. Curative’s brand identity aims to balance three key components: promote clarity around the offering, appeal to civic responsibility, and signal the urgency to take action.


The system spans digital assets as much as physical ones, such as kiosks, vans, and signage, and is designed to help regional operations teams implement the brand consistently.

The simple, geometric patterning aims to support a sense of optimism without feeling decorative or superfluous. The new symbol conveys the organisation’s sense of direction, while the bold colour palette was chosen to express optimistic energy and a level of trust and confidence. 

“It was very important to make Curative’s new offering as accessible and actionable as possible by sending clear signals. Especially so when the existing care system was already complex to navigate, and ever-changing information during the pandemic created uncertainty for many, if not most, people,” said Adam Weiss, creative director of Landscape.