• Transform magazine
  • July 01, 2022


Chimney Vigor Group rebrands to Edisen


Global productions and marketing services company, Chimney Vigor Group (CVG), rebranded to Edisen, ‘the unskippable content company.’ The rebrand reflects the company capabilities expansion to include enhanced creation and automation, in addition to marking a shift in the its approach to the market, creating a single global management and financial structure.

The Edisen platform will specifically aim to solve the many pain points brands experience in today’s content heavy market. It offers brands capabilities, from creative collaboration to vendor sourcing, automated adaptation and production collaboration tools to create content. 

“This rebrand represents a new dawn for our business and the services we offer our clients. Our mission is to ideate, develop and produce content that is impossible to ignore. Technology enhances and empowers the creativity that is at the forefront of our business. Given our recent acquisitions and the development of our own technology, it’s only fitting that we name the new company after that which enables us to deliver the most impactful content for our clients,” says Edisen global CEO, Henric Larsson. 

The Edisen offering is built on three pillars: creativity to mesmerise, cloud technology to organise, and AI to optimise. Under the Edisen umbrella, the company’s technologies aim to help solve industry issues like wasted time in the creative production process and delivering quality content helping to break through consumer fatigue. 

In 2019, the company merged with media management specialists One Vigor to become CVG, completing its remit to offer clients end-to-end marketing services. In June 2021, the company acquired Tonik+, a new platform powered by video intelligence technology.