• Transform magazine
  • July 29, 2021


World’s first ‘Visual Search’ offering launched by UGC platform

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TINT, a platform for turning user generated content (UGC) into trusted marketing campaigns, created the first ‘Visual Search,’ a technology which allows marketers to either search for ‘similar content’ from what they have created or upload an image for the ‘visual search’ to find other alike images.

This follows an increase changing in search, which in the last few years has added the ability to search with voice, as well as text. Now, Visual Search provides a tangible solution to larger data sets and allows to move that data down the content funnel into actionable processes like shoppable media, eCommerce, and attribution.

“Our Filestack engineering teams have been working with ‘image and video recognition’ Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies for years. After our acquisition of TINT we were keen to discover new ways to fix content problems for the world's premier enterprises. ‘Visual Search’ marks the entry of a new kind of content discovery engine, one what uses machine learning and visual AI to discover whole new sets of data around any subject or brand across the social web,” says CEO of TINT Sameer Kamat.

TINT’s Visual Search analyses a 2048-dimensional space, providing users content sets with similar tones, landscapes, settings, and landmarks. Through it, brands now find all the images for ‘aurora borealis’ across the whole social web for ‘Iceland’ or all images with the Nescafe logo across the whole social web for ‘coffee.’ The machine learning used for Visual Search analyses every post, extracting what is important and gaining deeper insight into people’s content to then provide a recommendation score to save time.